Kummissjoni Nazzjonali Persuni b'Diżabilità

Mission Statement

The National Commission Persons with Disability is committed to rendering Maltese society an inclusive one, in a way that persons with disability reach their full potential in all aspects of life, enjoying a high quality of life thanks to equal opportunities.

In fulfilling this mission, KNPD works in order to eliminate any form of direct or indirect social discrimination against persons with disability and their families while providing them with the necessary assistance and support.

The Setting Up of KNPD

The National Commission Persons with Disability was founded on the 3rd of November 1987, when the then Minister of Social Policy, the Hon. Dr Louis Galea, had made a parliamentary statement announcing that he had appointed the first KNPD members.

On the 10th of February 2000, KNPD was officially founded, this time in accordance with Act No. 1 of the year 2000, the Equal Opportunities (Persons with Disability) Act.
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KNPD has a wide variety of roles which are described in detail in the Act.

It has the duty to raise awareness about the capabilities and contributions of persons with disability and combat prejudices or harmful behaviour in their regard stemming from stereotypes. It is also expected to identify the needs of persons with disabilities, their families and voluntary bodies working in the field of disability and promote policies, encourage research and best practice as well as collaborate with local and international entities in order to achieve these goals.  It is also responsible to monitor government initiatives addressing their needs, suggest changes in laws and coordinate initiatives taken by different departments.

The law empowers KNPD to investigate complaints it receives about breach of rights arising from discrimination, the enforcement of such rights as well as to promote, protect and monitor the implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability and to monitor Guardianship Orders.

KNPD is also entrusted with providing services which can be found in this link.

Frequently Used Pages

KNPD forms part of the Ministry for the Family and Social Solidarity.