Kummissjoni Nazzjonali Persuni b'Diżabilità


KNPD provides a number of services for persons with disability and their families. The services provided include Special ID Card, Blue Sticker, Assistive Apparatus Service and the exemption of payment of road licenses.

For more general information related to the services offered by KNPD, refer to the following factsheet.

Services and Benefits Booklet

The Services and Benefits Booklet contains information about all the services and benefits available for disabled persons and their family in Malta.

Services and Benefits Booklet Front Page
(MT (PDF) / EN (PDF)/ MT - Facli biex taqra (ZIP))

The booklet is also available in audio and printed (English, Maltese, easy to read) from KNPD.

The services mentioned in this booklet are not just those offered by KNPD but also those offered by but not limited to health and education institutions, the Housing Authority, leisure and spiritual organisations and NGOs.

The information provided in this booklet is correct and exact up to the date of publication (2009).

If you have a disability and think you qualify for any of the services mentioned in this booklet, you should contact either KNPD or the relevant organisation and service provider in order to ensure your eligibility and obtain up to date application procedures.

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