Kummissjoni Nazzjonali Persuni b'Diżabilità

Blue Badge – Permit to Park in Reserved Places

The Blue Badge Benefit (PDF), commonly known as the Blue Sticker, is given by the Commissioner of Police on the recommendation by the National Commission Persons with Disability to persons who are entitled to the Special Identity Card and have severe and permanent mobility restrictions. It can also be granted temporarily to those who have a temporary lack of mobility which is expected to last for more than one year.

To apply, kindly download the application form in the Apply for KNPD Services section and fill in the mandatory pages and page 6.

Applying for a Blue Badge

Applicants are to contact KNPD and book an appointment with a professional who verifies whether they are eligible for a Blue Badge or not. Those applicants who qualify may do so on a permanent or temporary basis.

If the sticker is issued on a permanent basis the applicant is only requested to see a professional once. Present holders of the Blue Badge who need to have it renewed and have never attended an appointment need to be seen by a professional upon renewal. Temporary Blue Badge holders need to attend another appointment when it needs to be renewed.

Both permanent and temporary Blue Badge holders need to pay a one time fee of €11.50.

If the application for a Blue Badge is rejected, the applicant can appeal to the Blue Sticker Appeals Board which is chaired by the Office of the Commissioner of Police. The appeal must be made in writing to the Secretary of this Board.

Benefits of the Blue Badge

Those persons in possession of the Blue Badge are entitled to have the vehicle in which they are travelling parked in public places reserved for persons with disability with the Blue Badge prominently placed against the windscreen.

All EU Member States have an identical Blue Sticker and it can be used in all these countries and vice versa. A list of Communal Reserved Parking Bays for Blue Badge holders is available here (XLS).

Blue Badge Renewal and Termination

Permanent Blue Badge are normally issued for five years. Holders are asked to renew the relevant document/service at least one month prior to its expiry as expired stickers are deemed invalid.

Should the information on the Blue Badge become illegible, the holder should contact KNPD and ask for it to be replaced. If a Blue Badge is lost, one must apply to KNPD for the issue of a new one which is confirmed on oath taken at the KNPD offices.

In case of the death of the Blue Badge holder, it must be immediately returned to KNPD. If this is not done, two notices are issued by KNPD after which it requests the Commissioner of Police to collect it.