Kummissjoni Nazzjonali Persuni b'Diżabilità

Assistive Apparatus Service / Servizzi Għajnuniet SpeĊjali(SGĦS)

KNPD provides an Assistive Apparatus Service (PDF) which includes advice and financial assistance to persons with disability and their families. The Assistive Apparatus Service enables persons with disability to buy equipment which helps them lead a more independent lifestyle.

If you are in the process of purchasing such equipment, you are advised to get the expert advice of a qualified occupational therapist, physiotherapist, medical doctor or relevant professional.

To apply, kindly download the application form in the Apply for KNPD Services section and fill in the mandatory pages 3 and 7.

This service includes:

  • The gathering of information about the special aids for persons with disability that exist in local and international markets,
  • Giving financial assistance to persons with disability according to the criteria laid out specifically for this purpose, as determined by an independent board,
  • The eligible subsidy amounts to a maximum of half the price of the goods (excl. VAT, where applicalbe), up to a maximum of €1,800.
    • In exceptional cases, the subsidy may be increased to over €1,800;
    • On certain items (e.g. height-adjustable beds, scooters and hoists, etc.) there is a maximum amount which is awarded. This amount changes according to market prices.


To be eligible for this service:

  • the applicant must be a Maltese citizen,
  • the applicant must be registered with KNPD, i.e. have a Special Identity Card (SID);
  • the apparatus must have been bought after the application for the subsidy;
    The applicant can buy the apparatus after they have received a letter from KNPD saying that they can do so. However, this is done at the applicant's risk, without a guarantee that the subsidy will be given;
  • the applicant must have not benefitted from another scheme;
  • applications for apparatus under €230 are not considered - where it is deemed appropriate, these applications are referred to other entities;
  • applications from residents in state homes or hospitals for basic equipment that is considered as reasonable accomodation, are not considered;
  • from time to time, KNPD may make other conditions which it feels are necessary.

Applications for financial assistance accepted by the Board, which cannot be granted due to lack of funds, remain on the waiting list for one year. When the one year is over, the applicant may re-apply.